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KNOWLEDGE MINE - What we do ?

At Knowledge Mine, we provide facility to candidates to appear their technical exams Online. Those exams are monitored and conducted by many organizations like Microsoft Office, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Salesforce, Service now, Teradata, BCS ISTQB, and many more. As Kryterion, and Certiport, Knowledge Mine provides IT Professionals and students a window to test and validate their skills through a secure, technology based assessment services. We are Kyrterion HOST location- Kryterion is not just a viable alternative to traditional testing methods, it represents a quantum leap in testing – true Online Secured Testing. This is the result of the intelligent application of existing technologies combined with the latest advancements in test delivery. Webassessor™ changes the very way we think about testing. Exam vouchers - We also provide exam vouchers, that can be redeemed to schedule exams online. Training venue on rent- We have 10 seater capacity training rooms, can be used for online exams and trainings.